Plunk-Oh Slots

Casino slot machine developer Rival Gaming proudly announces the release of its new entertainment product Plunk-Oh Slots. This three reel and five line slot title gives you a taste of the rich lifestyle with reel symbols like a stack of cash, a luxury boat, a sports car, a golden ring, a motorbike tropic getaway cruise tickets and a golden watch. Spin these virtual items on the reels in correct combinations and you have a chance to actually buy them in real life if you become the winner of large cash rewards.

Information About the Game

This low volatility game supports a variety of currencies, and it lets you gamble with the configurable coin sizes 0.01, 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, 0.50, 1.00, 2.00 and 5.00. You can wager one to three coins per win-line, and there are one to five lines that you can make use of. Select your wager and line preferences and hit the spin button or select bet max to place a large bet. Additionally, you can also put the game on autopilot if you want to sit back and watch the spins unfold.

Special features in this game are the Wild Plunk-Oh symbol and the jackpot rewards, from which there are two. The per line jackpot calculations are 150 $0.10 × 3 coins × payout $45.00 for the default jackpot, and 150 $5.00 × 3 coins × payout $2,250.00 for the max jackpot. Your expected return while playing this game is ~94.44%.

Play Plunk-Oh Slots and Live a Life of Luxury

Plunk-Oh Slots is an easy to understand and easy to play game that will bring you lots of classic reel spinning fun, and, if you are lucky, lots of cash rewards. Be inspired by the luxury items on the reels and see if you can obtain them both on the virtual slot reels and in real life. Rival Gaming makes it all possible for you with this virtual casino game. This slot title has just been released, so make sure you give it a try the next time that you are visiting a Rival Gaming supported casino platform on the net.